Revisit our webinar series from January to May 2021

 Thank you to everyone who has been part of the session - from the speakers to those who've asked questions and have showed up to support our work.

27th January

Co-operative Care Colne Valley - initial learning from journey towards setting up a care co-op

We looked at what have been the main strengths and advantages that have got us to the point of now being business ready and also talk through the barriers and challenges we have faced and what we have learnt from them.

You can watch the videos here.

25th February

Different models of co-operative care

We looked at different models of care delivery with speakers from three different organisations.  You can have a look at video from the session and also see the speakers' presentations here.

25th March

Introduction to the Community Care Co-operative model, Legal structures for multi-stakeholding.

We looked at engagement and different roles of varied member constituencies - multi-stakeholdership with Cliff Mills.

You can watch the presentation and some of the questions here.

29th April One month in -
first steps for great care in Colne Valley

In our April webinar a few members of our staff team and the board shared their thoughts about how the first few weeks of working in our community have gone.

We also heard our user members' take on why they have chosen to get support from us and what their thoughts are after the first few weeks of us working together.

You can watch our recording here.

27th May Fair Care

Our May webinar offered an opportunity to learn more about, discuss and consider Fair Care - a framework for just and fair care for everyone involved!

You can watch our recording here.