Sharing Care in 2021

As part of the Sharing Care project, we have delivered a series of webinars to facilitate connecting and learning about specific issues connected to social care co-operation. The main aim has been to share learning to support replication of co-operative care provision.

You can revisit our webinar series from January to May 2021 - click below and let us know what you think.

Most of our research work is still ongoing - come back for more news from this front soon.

We're now in the process of planning our summer event Celebrating Co-operative Care - and hope many of you will be able to join us - click through below for more information and an opportunity to register and take part.

We have really enjoyed the webinar sessions, they have shown us that there are others 'out there' who are already doing great work and who have amazing ideas. The webinars have supported our reflections on how we've been doing too. We hope and believe that they have contributed towards learning about different aspect of co-operative community-owned and delivered care and looked at some of the challenges as well as the opportunities.

We're going to be asking you all what you have thought if you have joined us and/or what you would like to learn about going forward. Watch this space!