Research & community enquiries

Research Summary

We want to summarise research, literature resources available around community based social care co-operatives and aim to create a database/bibliography and resource list, with links which people can easily access. We want to introduce a resource explaining the rationale for the community care co-op approach and its potential ethical, economic and social benefits for the UK.

Options for Federation

We will research and develop ideas around how federated structures could operate, including models and methodology. As well as desktop research this will include consultation with other organisations and individuals/professionals. We will liaise and learn alongside peer organisations that are adopting a community co-operative approach.

Community Audit into Cooperative Care - England

We will reach out and connect with innovative care providers who are delivering holistic person centred care and exploring models of service delivery which has potential to transform the way we think about care in the community. We will look at not just co-ops but also other companies and models which deliver holistic care. The audit will make links with the current networks and we’ll ask what is needed so that practice can be shared well & there can be mutual support.

Fair Care Framework

We are currently liaising with Cheryl Barrott and Change AGEnts so that we can co-operate on further development of fair care principles, explore implementation and look at ways forward. We are in touch with Women’s Budget Group who are interested in exploring practical ways in which a better/caring economy is being delivered and they will offer a platform for uplifting our work.