Research & community enquiries

Co-operative Approaches to Care

The research paper ‘Forum for co-operative approaches in care’ that has been brought together by Gareth Nash from CMS (hosted on the website) connects the work that has happened around co-operative care previously, therefore embedding out current both practical (setting up the care co-op) and learning (Sharing Care) efforts in the previous work, thus offering understanding of development and ways forward. Further, the paper offers a wider overview of both national and international examples of co-operative care and finally connects our work to the current policy/political context. That usefully explains the barriers co-operative approaches to care face and highlights possibilities.

Read the paper here.

A Federative Approach to Care

The research paper ‘A Federative Approach to Care’ alongside a paper summary (both on the website) delivered by Adrian Ashton in co-operation with the CCCV board is the output of this proposed outcome.

Adrian conducted desk research, as well as interviews with organisations which already operate in some form of federative structure. This was done in co-operation with CCCV board in terms of building on links and contacts that have already been available. The paper sets a ground for further, practical exploration and offers a theoretical framework/base for CCCV’s growth and development in line with the values and principles the care co-ops has set to follow.

You can read the full paper here.
And the summary is also available.

Community Audit - small care providers' learning

We conducted a community audit and explored learning that could be shared with organisations that already deliver good care and with other stakeholders that are connected to care and co-operative sectors. Explore what some of the great innovators in the field have to say.

The  ‘Community audit – small care providers’ learning’, facilitated and brought together by Sue Richards, is hosted here.