February webinar - Exploring different models of care delivery

Submitted by Veronika on Fri, 03/19/2021 - 22:29


Our second webinar in 2020 explored different models of care delivery with speakers from three different organisations which have been on different journeys and used different approaches to provide care.

Together, we:

  • looked at the different organisational models and their pros & cons
  • celebrated wins, progress & 'collateral gains'
  • considered the biggest barriers along the way
  • discussed & shared other learning

Our panel was chaired by our very own Sue Richards, one of the Co-operative Care Colne Valley Directors and our Nominated Individual.

Our panelists were able to share their wisdom and experience as well as the presentation and additional resources.

Sian Lockwood from Community Catalysts talked about community micro enterprises.

John Roberts from North West Care Co-operative shared some of the key learning from NWCC. And you can have a look at the evaluation of their work from 2020.

Adrian Roper from Cartrefi described the journey from being a charity to becoming a multi-stakeholder co-operative.

Hope you enjoy the video and find the presentations useful.

Any questions, comments, feedback? Let us know!