Conversation with Simon from Torbay Community Development Trust

We've met with Simon a couple of times to get inspired and discuss learning from the projects in Torbay and how we think about things in Colne Valley.

In our most recent conversation, Simon has been able to talk about their resources webpage where the report about Community Building is hosted and about a successful set up of a help line in a the response to the pandemic. There's more details about this in their report too.

One call that's all!
Listen to the bits of our conversation about the pandemic responses in Torbay, how the helpline developed and got support and recognition from the local social care provision - and now it's the 'front door' for the social care support locally. Simon also talks about logistics and technical set up and how the helpline transformed the support for people who are ringing in moments of need for support - rather than having to navigate the support that is available, when people contact the helpline, they get a call back from the relevant place.

And all this is run and supported by local residents, just ordinary people who have often gone from being lonely and isolated themselves to being very proud of being able to offer time and support to others.