Federation: research, summary, learning, action

Submitted by Veronika on Thu, 07/01/2021 - 07:46

Historically, the co-operative movement has grown through ‘principle 6’ (co-ops supporting each other) - with that in mind, during its start-up phases Co-operative Care Colne Valley (CCCV) has had an eye on its potential futures, and how the innovative model of care might be scaled into other communities for wider benefit and impact through a future federation.

Adrian Ashton has been ‘walking alongside’ CCCV over the last few months, supporting us to explore what a commitment to future growth through a federated model would mean and how we might begin to design our governance and operations now.

The findings of Adrian's work have been presented at the Celebrating Co-operative Care event on 1st July  and all of the resources are hosted here too! You can find the presentation from the session here; read the brief summary of the findings and also delve into the full report.

Do let us know what you think - we're hopeful that this piece of work will be useful not just to our development, learning and growth but also to others who are thinking on making their enterprises work through federative co-operation.